Merry Cemetery

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Nestled in the small village town of Săpânța in the Maramureş county of Romania, is the beautiful Merry Cemetery, famous for it’s hand carved wooden, colourful headstones. This beautiful tribute to the villagers lives is now an open air museum and tourist attraction for the … Continued

Things I Miss Most While Travelling

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Travelling indefinitely is an absolute amazing experience. It also makes you appreciate things more, be them little moments, your favourite dinner made by your Mum, or a comfortable bed. Missing my family is probably the one thing I miss most. … Continued

My Packing Mistakes

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When packing for travelling, we put things in, take things out, and stress over the minor details. After posting my packing lists (beauty and clothes), I thought I would do a little update on my packing mistakes, in the hopes that … Continued

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