Top 5 Things to do in Budapest

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As you may know, our first stop on our current overseas trip was to Budapest, Hungary! There is such a great atmosphere about this city, and is quite affordable for travellers. Here are my Top 5 Things to do in Budapest.


Hungarian Natural History Museum

I was super excited about the Hungarian Natural History Museum, particularly to see the taxidermied animals and an exhibit by wildlife photographer ‘Gopher Tale’. The museum has an entry fee of 1600HUF (about $8 AUD at the time I went) and is well worth it. Among the permanent exhibitions of the taxidermied animals (there are so many!), a coral reef section and dinosaur exhibit, there is also seasonal exhibitions that come for a time. We just missed the Egyptian Mummy Exhibit sadly, but we were able to see the lovely Gopher Tale exhibit!

house of terror

House of Terror

The House of Terror (Terror Háza) is a museum dedicated to Hungary’s dark history. This museum shows the human suffering and awful times through the facist and communist periods in Hungary. It also serves as a memorial to those who suffered and lost their lives during this time. A harrowing experience, but also an eye-opener. You can opt for the audio guide in English if you wish, but we found the unguided tour fine, as they supply english hand outs of what is in each room, and the history behind it. Cost for one adult was around 2,000HUF (about $10 AUD).

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Labyrinth of Buda Castle

Not for the faint of heart, this dark underground tunnel once housed one of my favourite villains of history Vlad the Impaler, before his was released to conduct his reign of terror. The Labyrinth itself has lots to see, with information about vampires, operas and even a Maze of Darkness (which I am happy to say I survived). At only 2,000HUF (About $10 AUD) per ticket, it’s well worth exploring! Bring a jacket though, it gets mighty cold down there!


Széchenyi Thermal Bath

There are a few thermal baths in Budapest, and I visited the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. These baths are heated by thermal springs under the earth, and they are divine! I spent most of my time in the main heated pool (which is about 38 degrees), but there are other cooler pools, a jacuzzi and a whirl pool to visit as well. For additional costs, you can also get some reasonably priced massages and other various spa treatments. I stuck to the basic package, which was 5000HUF ($25 AUD for the day). You can also attend a Sparty (spa party) at night!

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Something that Budapest is renowned for is it’s Ruin Bars. I particularly enjoyed Szimplakert (Simple Garden), which had reasonably priced drinks and boasted an awesome vibe. Built into a decrepit building, the run down look along with funky art and interesting installations, it’s definitely worth a look. There are hidden rooms, places to dance, food to eat, Hookah Pipes to rent and great music.

Thanks Budapest!

*A special thank you to my lovely friend Fanni, who was our special guide for a day and showed us some absolutely charming places to see and to eat at. <3

  • Christina

    Ahhh!! Beautiful Buda! (And Pest tee hee)! So glad you’re having a great time there!!

    • Kate Flint

      Haha yes, I only learnt recently (before I got there) that it was two towns! Buda was lovely but I prefer Pest 😛 Xo

  • Jasmine Huston

    Hollllly crap I need to go to Budapest STAT. That Labyrinth looks like soooo much fun but also super creepy! Thanks for sharing this – I had never thought to even consider Budapest as a travel location! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty
    PS Hope you’re having an amazing time! xx

    • Kate Flint

      It was so creepy! Loved it 🙂 Definitely consider Budapest and other spots in Eastern Europe, it’s really been an unsung hero for me!

  • I am so disappointed that I didn’t put Budapest into my itinerary now! But I think a special eastern european trip may have to be planned!! Great post lovely!! xx

    • Kate Flint

      Definitely make a separate trip for Eastern Europe – plenty to see and it’s very affordable in comparison to Western Europe! Xo