Macabre Monday #48 – Even More Horror Films Coming in 2015

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Previously you may have seen my Upcoming Horror Films in 2015 post the other week, which was based on wide theatrical releases in the US. Now comes the time to muse through the releases that may not grace the silver screen, but could still be good watching!

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Dead Rising: Watchtower – March 27 (Crackle)

Based on the popular video game, Dead Rising: Watchtower is set in a world where the zombie virus is controlled by vaccinations. Take Zombrex, Stay Human. When a bad batch of immunisations (anti-vaxers will lap up this movie I’m sure *rolls eyes*) a zombie infestation begins. Even in the trailer there looks to be some laugh out loud moments, so I can see myself enjoying this film. The fact that I do have a soft spot for zombie flicks should by duly noted.

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The Lazarus Effect – June 16 (DVD/Blu-ray)

The beautiful Olivia Wilde stars in this film, where a group of medical students are experimenting on ways to bring the dead back to life. You can probably guess what happens next. Slightly reminiscent of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary – “Sometimes, what is dead, should stay dead. Dead…. is better.” Check out the trailer here for some chills!

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Exeter – July 2 (DirecTV)

A group of teenagers accidentally release an evil spirit that starts to possess them one by one. Pretty basic plot line, and the trailer shows not much in the hopes of this being a movie I enjoy. Sexy teens mess with evil, evil gives sexy teens what is coming to them. Yawn.

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Maggie – TBD

Two big names in this film, ones I didn’t think I would ever see in the same movie together. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin team up in a zombie film with a difference. When Maggie (Breslin) becomes infected, her father (Schwarzenegger) stays by her side during the difficult time of transformation. Check out the trailer here for creepy awwwwwww moments.

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31 – TBD

Rob Zombie fans will be tickled pink at the impending release of his new film, 31. Five people are kidnapped on the days leading up to Halloween and held hostage in a place called Murder World. While trapped, they must play a violent game called 31 where the mission is to survive 12 hours against a gang of evil clowns. Hopefully this new Zombie film will repair some of the damage from his 2012 dud film, The Lords of Salem.

What horror films are you most looking forward to?