Macabre Monday #3 – Top 5 Creepy Places

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Today I thought I would share with you some of the creepiest places on earth that I have heard of. I am not entirely sure I would be visiting these places, too much bad ju-ju happening for my nerves!


Pripyat, Ukraine. After the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, this formerly busy town of around 50,000 residents has been transformed into a ghost town. So many things were left behind as the town folk fled, and never returned.

The Overtoun Bridge. Located in Scotland, this bridge is known for a great number of suicides.. but not for humans. Dogs have been leaping of this bridge to their deaths since the 60s, with no seemingly simple explanation.

La Isla De La Munecas, Mexico. Also known as The Island of Dolls. A man living on the island discovered the body of a little girl, which he found floating in the canal near his home. A few days later he found a doll in the same spot and, believing that the girl’s spirit lived on inside it, he hung it up. Over the years he collected old and broken dolls from rubbish tips and around the canals and nailed them to walls of his home and hung them from trees as a memorial to the girl.

Catacombs, Paris. When I visited Paris in 2012, the catacombs were closed for maintenance. An underground ossuary holds approximately 6 million people, and fills the remains of an old stone mine under the city of love.

Aokigahara Suicide Forest. At the base of Mt Fuji in Japan, is the Aokigahara Forest, one of the most popular places to commit suicide. Due to the vastness of the forest, desperate visitors are unlikely to encounter anyone once inside the so-called “Sea of Trees,” so the police have mounted signs reading “Your life is a precious gift from your parents,” and “Please consult the police before you decide to die!” on trees throughout. I think this would be one of the most saddest places on earth.

What creepy places have you heard of, and wouldn’t dare set foot in?

  • Christine

    Have you ever checked out the abundance of creepy photos at this site:

    Warning – this is a huge time waster of a site! The shots this guy takes of abandoned asylums/hospitals are really creepy (in a beautiful kind of way)

    • Kate

      I haven’t checked it out, I will now! Thank you for the link (and in advance for many wasted hours!)

      Kate Xx

  • Wow this is a really interesting post Kate! I really want to visit these places now, just for the creepy factor! I’ve heard of the very last one in Japan, I was actually considering going there on my trip in December but decided against it because it will be smack bam in the middle of winter! Even creepier!

    • Kate

      Eek that would be so scary and sad! This is a really interesting video here > So sad to watch. Your trip will be amazing regardless I am sure, can’t wait to see your photos from your adventure!